Welcome! Analytech Solutions is a company focused on providing software development services to smaller engineering and technology-based companies who either don’t have a need for full time software development personnel or the means to support it. We are an experienced teammate offering innovative research and development, physics-based modeling and simulation, data analysis, and software/computing services.

About Us

Analytech Solutions is located near Houghton, Michigan. We are surrounded by the tranquility of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and we are also in close proximity to Michigan Technological University and the resources it has to offer.

Our observation is that many businesses and academics need an experienced "knowledge work" teammate to assist them with:

  • research and proposal development,

  • physics-based modeling and simulation,

  • data analysis and machine learning,

  • innovation through rapid design and prototyping,

  • software design and implementation, and

  • many other technology and software related efforts.

It can be challenging to obtain such an experienced teammate, especially if the need is only for a brief time.

Using an inexperienced individual seems like a good option, but that usually turns into a rather expensive endeavor as most of their effort is spent on learning rather than doing. Finding a qualified individual takes time as well, and it can be very costly when luring them away from existing employment. Both options are prohibitive to staying under budget, meeting looming deadlines, or being the first-to-market. Analytech Solutions offers you an alternative: the opportunity to team with a company which provides the experience you need and the terms of commitment you desire.

Our Philosophy

Our company realizes autonomy and agility by networking with other companies like ours in order to efficiently compose a "knowledge work" team, diversify or adapt the team’s capabilities, and minimize the financial burden of management overhead. This (lack of) organizational structure means that joining in a business relationship with Analytech Solutions liberates you from several stressors. If you are troubled with the need to rapidly and dramatically ramp up research or development activities, then we are the gateway to a team who meets that demand. Or, if you are burdened with obtaining enough long-term work to keep an experienced team employed, then we free you of that pressure since business engagements with us are more flexible than hiring full-time staff.

Whenever possible we utilize the Open Source community and the software it provides to develop solutions. Any enhancements to the software are also published back to the community to improve the capabilities of the software and minimize the overhead of maintaining the enhancements. Please inform us early on if you wish to omit the publishing of the software.

Our services can be provided onsite at your location or remotely. We can provide quotes for each engagement on either a fixed price basis or at an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rate, depending on your needs.


Keith Rutkowski
Keith Rutkowski

Owner / Chief Computer Scientist


Analytech Solutions, LLC

Manager of Scientific Computing


Senior Software Engineer


Signature Research, Inc.

Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science


M.S. in Computer Science


Michigan Technological University

B.S. in Computer Science


Northern Michigan University

Keith Rutkowski is the founder of Analytech Solutions and had worked at Signature Research for over 10 years developing high-performance, massively parallelized, scientific computing methods prior to that. He spent 3 years managing the scientific computing capabilities and software development team at Signature Research while leading numerous software development efforts including development of a real-time ray trace renderer using GPU-based clusters for Visible through LWIR spectral rendering, a high-performance and high resolution terrain thermal model, and a next-generation framework for multi-spectral terrain modeling to support synthetic simulation in both heat transfer and radiative transfer.

Keith’s employment at Signature Research preempted his progress toward a Ph.D. where he was researching ways to utilize muscle memory-based performance enhancements in Human-Computer Interaction at Michigan Technological University. He has significant experience in heat and radiative transfer, parallel (distributed and GPU) computing, real-time computing, database design, analog/optical computing, and InfiniBand networking.