Analytech Solutions brings more than 20 years of software development experience covering various computing paradigms, from:

  • proof-of-concept code to production software,

  • Web and native user interface frontends to relational and graph database backends,

  • Cloud computing to embedded systems, and

  • scientific and technical computing to Linux kernel development to simple automation scripts.

We offer many software development capabilities that will benefit your situation!

Additionally, we provide consulting services related to software development processes, such as:

  • custom software design and code review,

  • forming bindings between programming languages like Python, Julia, Fortran, and C/C++,

  • building integrated solutions that utilize Cloud computing resources alongside onsite resources, and

  • system benchmark testing and performance analysis.

Let us know if you have any software-related need, and we can provide you further information.

We bring decades of experience in working with Open Source software to the team, and in addition to that, the knowledge of navigating software licenses and understanding what limitations they have on your usage of the software. Analytech Solutions will save you from the mistake of spending resources on recreating software rather than pulling from the more widely tested software available from the Open Source community.

Finally, are you a researcher who is concerned about publishing results derived from software with bugs in it? Nearly all research relies on software today, so aspects of software development have become another component in the livelihood of a researcher. If this describes your situation, then depend on Analytech Solutions to remove your software development pains so you can focus more on your research.