The software development industry is inundated with firms and individuals providing only Web development experience. In contrast to that market landscape, Analytech Solutions offers primarily scientific and technical computing experience to our clients. We have designed, implemented, ported, and scaled modeling and simulation software for High Performance Computing Clusters, GPU’s, and the Cloud. Some of the fields we have performed modeling and simulation work in include:

  • heat transfer,

  • atmospheric radiative transfer,

  • physics-based rendering (radiative transfer),

  • vehicle dynamics and city-wide traffic simulation,

  • sea surface and terrain modeling, and

  • computational imaging.

Please contact us if your area of expertise isn’t listed here, and let’s discuss how we can assist you.

No matter what goals you desire of your modeling and simulation process (e.g. improvements to performance, accuracy, scalability, etc.), Analytech Solutions will help make those improvements a reality. We will oversee your transition to one of the new, scalable frameworks of solvers which offer features like dynamic meshing, GPU or distributed processing, variable time stepping, and automatic differentiation. Having us update your existing verification and validation tests, or develop an initial set for you, is a valuable complement to the undertaking. You may even gain better understanding of (and confidence in) your modeling efforts through application of sensitivity analysis and error propagation, and Analytech Solutions will guide you through that process too.